Vernique Fields aka DJ Neeek Nyce is a name like no other. That's what makes her so "unique". As the founder, and owner of Into Fields Live Entertainment, she has changed the game of this male dominate industry by starting the first FEMALE DJ company in the Tri-State.

      Vernique became interested in the art of DJing when a close friend gifted her a starter controller, where she learned how to mix music on her own. What started off as a bedroom hobby later turned into a business after being coupled with her past experience and love for entertaining crowds. With the guidance of her DJ mentors, she quickly invested into her craft and eventually founded Into Fields Live Entertainment, LLC adding more services under her performance repertoire.

     Beyond Vernique's passion for music, she enjoys mentoring and teaching the craft of DJing to youth while empowering young children. Through the start of her journey, Vernique has always had a kind heart to give back to children and makes giving an essential part of her company. Some of her contributions include, creating the International Kidz DJ Café, a program within Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, volunteering for career day at various schools, and donating entertainment services for non-profit organizations. Her story of "Paying it forward," has been so impactful to the community that it was recently featured on CBS Philly local news.

        Vernique has performed internationally on Celebrity Cruise line, various of private & corporate functions & guest appeared on Philadelphia local news stations. She is NOT your typical "DJ" who stays behind the booth and plays music. Whether she is dancing on the floor with your guest, hyping up the crowd on the Mic, or coordinating interactive games, you won't find a better "Entertainer" to liven up your party!


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