There is no age limit to become a DJ! And who said it was only an adult or male profession? At Into Fields Live Entertainment, we strive to educate and teach aspiring YOUNG girls to perfect their skills of blending music, scratching and beat juggling!

Meet our youngest in charge!

MC Maya

Maya is 13 years old and the FIRST official mentee under Into Fields Live Entertainment. Just months after Maya's 8th birthday, she worked independently with Vernique doing private lessons. Since then, Maya chooses to DJ as a hobby at home, for family gatherings, and pop up classroom parties at school.


DJ Malu


Maria is 14 years old and expressed an interest for DJing after attending Vernique's free lesson during the winter of 2016. DJ Malu picked up on the craft very quickly and soon started Djing live community and school events along side of her mentor. DJ Malu is now has a basic understanding of reading the crowd and can DJ independently using minimal assistance.

DJ Braniak

Kelsea is 13 years old and started her journey of Djing while attending the same classes as Maria at the age of 9. Beyond Kelseas love for music, she enjoys dancing, cheerleading and gymnastics more then anything! One thing about Braniak, she surly is the party starter and loves to dancing behind the booth or on the floor with your guest.


DJ Mkay

Layla is 17 years old and the oldest member of Vernique's mentorship program. She was referred by Maya's mother to join the group in 2017 right before her 13th birthday! From the moment she was given her controller, Layla faithfully practiced mixing and blending every week and has gotten better in such short time! Mkay is the shyest of all the girls, but quickly built confidence to talk on the mic and hype up the crowd. 

DJ Long Legs

Don't let her youth fool you! Journi has the music knowledge and heart of an old soul. Dj Long Legs is now the youngest member on our team and followed in her mothers footsteps. Long Legs worked alongside her mom, Dj Aye West at the start of her DJ career two years ago. When Aye West found out we had a mentorship program for young girls, we welcomed Journi in with open arms. Journi has joined the #NoChaser kids DJ program to elevate her mixing skills and is learning to play for a live audience.